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Maui Holistic Garden Center

Arielle Axelrod is the BEST Quick books and Accounting Book Keeper Consultant I have ever met in my 59 years of life. As a businesswoman, Arielle is fast, focused, efficient, smart, creative, communicative, trustworthy and professional. Quick-books is one of her specialty. Arielle observes my business closely, and brings it to a more efficient, and productive level for myself and staff members.

If you have any questions, concerns, concerns, or want to hear my grateful heart for ALL she has done for our business, please call.

Deborah Manzano, Owner

(808) 264-5992


Samuel Enoka Kalama Intermediate School

I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of Arielle Axelrod. Arielle has been employed at our school as the Parent Community Network Coordinator for the past 6 months. Within this time, I have recognized her many skills and talents. She has been a great asset to our school team.

One of Arielle’s main responsibilities include parent communication via website, newsletters, flyers, school app, and social media. She has increased the number of followers we have on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by at least 20-fold. She is constantly updating our social media to reflect all of our events at school as well as to keep the parents and community informed of important information.

She is also in charge of coordinating our parent night events. This past semester, she was responsible for organizing two Open House events, a Parent Education Night, and was a key player in our biggest fundraiser, the SpookFest. Arielle’s organization and communication skills are critical to the success of these parent and community events. She does not become overwhelmed and is constantly finding ways to become more efficient and effective at coordinating.

What I appreciate about working with Arielle the most is her attitude. She is a “go- getter” and needs very little direction. She is always willing to help in whatever event or situation and she is not afraid to take the lead in big projects or endeavors. I believe she understands the importance of her position and strives to do the best that she can. I believe she recognizes that what she does is having a positive impact on the well-being of our students and feels good about giving back to the community.

Arielle is a valued member of our school team. I have no reservations about supporting her in any future endeavors.

Timothy Shim, Principal

(808) 344-1461


Location3 Media

Arielle was a pleasure to work with. She is smart, driven and learns faster than most people I know. She learned multiple marketing channels in months and knew them better than most with years of experience. I helped to train Arielle and she worked on multi-unit, franchise businesses for PPC, Display and multiple social channels on both ecommerce and B2B clients. I also was one of her many managers at one point; she was sharp in meetings and completed projects on time (which seldom happens). She was able to multi-task like a pro and kept calm and focused when faced with a complex issue. If you are looking to hire someone who can drive digital marketing strategy and execute on that strategy with a smile during it all, you found her.

Robert Spil, Senior Account Manager

(303) 513-5442


Location3 Media

Arielle's "jump right in" attitude has made her a quick asset on my team! While normally it can take many months for new team members to spread their wings and bite into a client's overall strategy rather than just tasks, Arielle did so quickly and intelligently and impressed myself and clients alike. You can tell this lady is passionate about marketing, creativity, and doing her best work. Arielle's attitude also impresses me on the daily - not only is she friendly and engaging, but she's more than willing to help coworkers out with projects that might not exactly fall in her wheelhouse. Huge team player and would be a great asset to any team!

Laine Bulakites, Account Director

(303) 519-2957


St. Olaf College

I originally met Arielle as a student in my marketing class and she has subsequently been my teaching assistant for the last two years. I have got to know her well and can attest to her ingenuity, motivation and hard working nature. Arielle is passionate about marketing and media - and she is good at it! She is a curious learner and a creative designer. She has excelled in the internships that she has completed and will be a great addition to any workplace that wants measurable results from their marketing budget. I would recommend her without reservation.

Sian Christie, Professor

(507) 786-3904



Arielle has been instrumental as a technical advisor at Axee. Her work ethic and tenacity is directly responsible for the great experience that users have when operating the apps we develop. Her knowledge of graphics and user interfaces within iOS applications has helped us win projects and keep clients. She's a fast learner, so I'd highly recommend her for just about any position.

Ben Calder, Developer

(512) 657-4436